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PHARM GROUP focused on acceleration the process of withdrawal the high quality, effective and safe products

PHARM GROUP participated on Indian Pharmexcil's event in Uzbekistan on March 3-4 of 2016
PHARM GROUP had participated on Buyer Seller Meeting and Private meetings with members of Pharmexcil's at its EXPO-CUM-BSM. During the event PHARM GROUP met the following Indian companies

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Pharmaceutical market of Uzbekistan and the role of the consulting companies in the registration process
Currently, the pharmaceutical market in Uzbekistan is one of the fastest growing among the CIS countries (approximately 8-10% annual growth in 2011-2014, respectively). It depends almost 77% on imported medicines.

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PROCEDURE OF Registration of Biologically Active ADDITIVES IN Uzbekistan.
As all around the world, over the last few years there has been quite dynamic development of the market of active additives in Uzbekistan.

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Registration of medical products (MP) in Uzbekistan and the role of consulting companies in it
In 2003, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been developed and published guiding principles of regulation in the field of medical products (VTR №1, 2007 - Regulations for medical products, Review of international practices and guidelines), where the nomenclature has a fundamental role in international harmonization.

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How to Register Medicines in Uzbekistan
Registration is a key point in the system of finished pharmaceutical products circulation. In all the world countries registration allows to allocate medicine on pharmaceutical market of a certain country.

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Uzbekistan pharmaceutical market development prospects
Pharmaceutical market of Uzbekistan is a rapidly developing branch in the economics of Uzbekistan. For the last years pharmaceutical market rate growth was about 30%.

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Advantages of hiring consulting companies for registration (re-registration) of medicines of foreign countries in Uzbekistan
As in other countries, there are companies occupied with consulting on registration or re-registration of medicines, manufactured abroad, in Uzbekistan.

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How to Register Medicines in Uzbekistan

Ganieva Zilola
Registration Manager
Pharm-Group Uzbekistan
Ph.: +998-71-2457250
zilola@ubi.uz    www.pharm.ubi.uz

Registration is a key point in the system of finished pharmaceutical products circulation. In all the world countries registration allows to allocate medicine on pharmaceutical market of a certain country. Main target of medicines registration in any country is provision of the population with production of high quality medicines. Medicines registration is a very complicated process and it requires certain period of time.               

After iIndependence in 1991, radical changes occurred in all fields of activities in Uzbekistan, including pharmaceutics field.

According to the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers in the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 181 dated 25 May, 1995, for purposes of regulating circulation of drugs and medical devices of Chief Directorate of medicines and medical equipment quality control, a subdivision of Ministry of Health in the Republic of Uzbekistan, was established.

Coordination of Chief Directorate’s activity is implemented by four committees: pharmacopoeial, pharmacological, committee of new medical equipment, drug control and by Metrology Department.

Analytics studied Uzbekistan pharmaceutical market capacity of Uzbekistan for recent years (2011-2012), evaluated it in the amount of USD 500 million; the market is characterized by high growing rates – 10% per year. Under these circumstances specialists expect that in the coming years the growth of the pharmaceutical market will reach 1 billion dollars.

Specialists forecast that rate of increase of productivity outputs in pharmaceutical field in this year will be 40%, in money terms medicines will be produced at the amount of 366 billion sums. In volume terms release of main types of production will be increased thrice and make up more than 720 million of conventional units. The share of national product in the general volume of pharmaceutical market will come near to 43%. 

Following the results of first half-term of 2012, the production rate was 158.3 billion sum (up 21.5 % in comparison with analogical period of previous year). At that medicines were produced at the amount of 129.7 billion sum, medical devices - 16.9 billion sum, supplementary materials – at the amount of 7 billion sum and other production – 4.7 bullion sum (growth rate – 37.1%).

Registration is a key point in the system of finished pharmaceutical products circulation. In all the world countries registration allows to allocate medicine on pharmaceutical market of a certain country. Main target of medicines registration in any country is provision of the population with production of high quality medicines. Medicines registration is a very complicated process and it requires certain period of time.

Process of medicines registration in Uzbekistan:

  • Foreign manufacturing-firm that wants to register its production in Uzbekistan sends a letter – presentation in 2 copies to the Chief Board of medicines and medical equipment quality control.
  • Manufacturing-firm submits documents and samples depending on the medicine.
  • After documents and samples submission, the applying firm and State Center of medicines expertise and standardization conclude a contract.
  • Chief Directorate sends documents to Pharmacological Committee, Pharmacopoeial Committee, Drugs Control Committee, State Center of medicines expertise and standardization, medical, prophylactic and diagnostic devices and medical equipment registration Bureau.
  • After implementation of necessary procedures on documents and samples checking, the decision on medicine registration is made. It is decided by the expert board of Chief Directorate on medicines and medical equipment quality control.
  • After that Registration Bureau on the base of permission of the Directorate finalizes official registration certificate within 10 days.

Time period, required for registration, depends on many factors, first of all – on the medicine class, but on the average it takes about a year for generic registration, registration of original drug may last several years because it requires clinical trials organization.

In many countries certificates of compliance with GMP requirements and clinical and/or preclinical trials reports are requested.

Regulatory requirement in Uzbekistan is availability of medicine’s registration in other countries of the world excluding manufacturing country; otherwise clinical trials on the territory of Uzbekistan are assigned.

For medicine registration in Uzbekistan the following documents are required:

1. Letter of application.The following documents are attached to the letter:
  • Registration application in  standard form– 2 (or  3) copies;
  • Registration dossier – 2 (or  3) copies;
  • Samples of medicine, at sufficient amount for 3-fold analysis by methods, described in regulative documents, substances (active agents); 
  • Reference-standards, standards samples of medicines, foreign impurities, and specific chemical agents, necessary for the analysis.  

2. Translated documents of the manufacturer (producer) in foreign languages shall be legalized according to the legislation of Side, in which state registration is implemented.

Registration is valid within 5 years; upon the expiry of it the medicine shall be re-registered.

Many foreign manufacturing firms refer to distributors before registering their production. And in many cases distributors refuse aid. It is more profitable to promote domestic products for them. That’s why they do not admit products of foreign countries as possible. 75% of the pharmaceutical market of Uzbekistan depends on foreign countries manufacturing medicines.

Registration process is very complex and it takes definite time. If the medicine belongs to domestic manufacturer, in this case manufacturing companies usually have the specialist occupied in registration of medicinal products. If the medicine is produced by foreign firms, in this case manufacturing firm not always has an opportunity to send its specialist to the country where medicinal product registration is implemented. Especially when the amount of time needed for registration of a medicinal product is unknown. Regular visits, filling in documents, explanation of tangled procedures at various requests from the Chief Directorate take much time.

In such cases hiring registration specialist or consulting firm involved in registration of medicinal products becomes an advantage. This firm will be a mediator between you and regulatory body. 
In such companies registration manager or specialist are in charge for work.

Undergoing registration or re-registration process mainly depends on the specialist of this company. His/her responsibilities include: consulting on registration or re-registration process, timely drawing of regulatory documents, professional translation of the documents, preparation and collection of necessary requested documents for the batch to be registered.

There are several consulting companies dealing with medicines registration in Uzbekistan.

For example, we will briefly describe the activity of “PHARM GROUP” consulting company. 
PHARM GROUP renders services to the companies, manufacturing medicinal products and medical devices, distributors and representative offices.

PHARM GROUP renders assistance to foreign companies on obtaining certificate (product licence) for entering Uzbek pharmaceutical market, sparing:

  • Registration and certification time because it may last for years;
  • Cash expenditures, regular visits, filling in numerous documents and time spent on it may cost much, especially for the manufacturing country located far from registration country.
  • Energy spent on unraveling complex tangles that may aise during various requests from the State Registrator.

Specialists of PHARM GROUP implement registration procedures, such as translation of documents, dossier and documents submission to regulatory bodies, acceptance and customs registration, regular updating during registration process, etc. on turnkey basis.

Also, PHARM GROUP provides marketing services, marketing research, PR campaigns, advertisement among suppliers and wholesalers.  

As we mentioned above, medical products registration is conducted in order to provide consumers with safe medicines of high quality. Every manufacturer chooses the way and the place for medicines registration. Timely and appropriate registration of medicines plays an important role in production promotion in pharmaceutical market of any country. Competition development and price decline on pharmaceutical market of medicines depend on it.

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