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PHARM GROUP focused on acceleration the process of withdrawal the high quality, effective and safe products


PHARM GROUP offers a wide spectrum of multiple services in the field of registration of medical products, pharmaceutical substances, food supplements and medical supplies in the Republic of Uzbekistan – ranging from preparation of registration dossier and obtaining the conclusion from the Main Licensing Authority.
The experience and professionalism of a multidisciplinary team of PHARM GROUP focused on acceleration the process of withdrawal the high quality, effective and safe products from both domestic and foreign manufacturers to Uzbek pharmaceutical market.

We offer the services of registration:

Medical supplies and drug
Medical equipment
Food supplements and substances
Veterinary products
Cosmetics and perfumery
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    Registration algorithm of medecines in Uzbekistan - PHARM GROUP
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    Algorithm of BAA registration in Uzbekistan - PHARM GROUP
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    Алгоритм регистрации ИМН в Узбекистане - PHARM GROUP
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    Algorithm of BAA registration in Uzbekistan - PHARM GROUP

PHARM GROUP participated on Indian Pharmexcil's event in Uzbekistan on March 3-4 of 2016
PHARM GROUP had participated on Buyer Seller Meeting and Private meetings with members of Pharmexcil's at its EXPO-CUM-BSM. During the event PHARM GROUP met the following Indian companies

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Pharmaceutical market of Uzbekistan and the role of the consulting companies in the registration process
Currently, the pharmaceutical market in Uzbekistan is one of the fastest growing among the CIS countries (approximately 8-10% annual growth in 2011-2014, respectively). It depends almost 77% on imported medicines.

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PROCEDURE OF Registration of Biologically Active ADDITIVES IN Uzbekistan.
As all around the world, over the last few years there has been quite dynamic development of the market of active additives in Uzbekistan.

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Registration of medical products (MP) in Uzbekistan and the role of consulting companies in it
In 2003, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been developed and published guiding principles of regulation in the field of medical products (VTR №1, 2007 - Regulations for medical products, Review of international practices and guidelines), where the nomenclature has a fundamental role in international harmonization.

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How to Register Medicines in Uzbekistan
Registration is a key point in the system of finished pharmaceutical products circulation. In all the world countries registration allows to allocate medicine on pharmaceutical market of a certain country.

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Uzbekistan pharmaceutical market development prospects
Pharmaceutical market of Uzbekistan is a rapidly developing branch in the economics of Uzbekistan. For the last years pharmaceutical market rate growth was about 30%.

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Advantages of hiring consulting companies for registration (re-registration) of medicines of foreign countries in Uzbekistan
As in other countries, there are companies occupied with consulting on registration or re-registration of medicines, manufactured abroad, in Uzbekistan.

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