The stereotype that Hollywood solely prevails in the world film industry is a great delusion. In fact, from the viewpoint of the number of films produced each year, the American Film industry is only in the 3rd place in the world. 

Bollywood – Indian films are undoubted leaders in this top list, where the name formed in a result of combining 2 words: Bombay and Hollywood. According to the various sources, each year it produces around 1000 films and 3.6 billion people are watching them, while Hollywood film industry produces 2.5 times less, with an audience of not more than 2.6 billion people.

Indian film industry originated in the middle of the 20th century, and it was a real phenomenon and so popular in the 80’s that Soviet cinemas were full of peoples, who wanted to see this colorful world and dive into the Indian summer and its beautiful music. Especially, it’s been observed in the Central Asian countries, as well as  in Babur’s motherland – Uzbekistan. The following classical films, like “Zita and Gita”, “Sholay”, “Disco dancer” – were very popular in Uzbekistan and our moms, dads and grandparents were the big fans of them.

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Over the years, despite the global political and economic cataclysms due to the collapse of the Soviet Union, Uzbek people’s love to the Indian films is not only survived, but smoothly transformed into the love and confidence into the quality of anything that originated in the Holy Ganges and  TajMahal. This phenomenon also influenced on the pharmaceutical products with the label “made in India”.

It is not a secret, that despite the accelerated and sustainable development, the pharmaceutical market of Uzbekistan still depends  on import of pharmaceutical products. Today, 7 214 medicines are registered in Uzbekistan and 4557 of them are the foreign-made drugs. The 1211 drugs are Indian made, representing 17% of the total number of registered drugs and more than 1/4 of registered foreign drugs that is undeniable testimony to the strong position of Indian manufacturers in the market of Uzbekistan.

It seems that, this  is not a  limit and that’s why–for the pharmaceutical industry of Uzbekistan the 2016  became one of the most important phases in its development, where the number of laws and regulations have been issued that improves the legislation on  drug commerce and pharmaceutical activities and strengthen the legal guarantees to provide the population with  the highly efficient and safe drugs and medicine.

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The leader of the country made a wise and significant decision to set a fixed price (from January 1, 2017) to 167 socially important drugs and 22 medical products of local and foreign producers, which are widely used in the medical practice of Uzbekistan.

Don’t you think that the implementation of the fixed prices for socially important drugs and medical devices from 2017… is a gift for the Indian pharm producers, since the main feature of the Indian pharmaceutical industry is the production of generic drugs / the most popular drugs, but with very fair prices?!  And what do you think where the Uzbek importers of pharm products will try to focus, by taking into account the classical laws of Commerce?!  This is not the limit, especially given the fact that today the population of Uzbekistan is more than 32 million, where the annual population growth is 1.7%.  Currently the pharmaceutical industry of Uzbekistan is represented only by 146 enterprises and drug producers: 4 foreign enterprises, 21 joint ventures, including Uzbek-Indian joint ventures, such as JV Novopharma, JV BRAVO PLUS and others.

Thanks to the magic of Indian cinema, which prepared all emotional preconditions for success during more than 50 years, the Indian pharm producers can rely and develop their activity.

The relationship between manufacturers and regulatory bodies can not be simplified in health sector – as in every developed country, the pharmaceutical market of Uzbekistan is regulated by a large number of laws, regulations, and guidelines to guarantee the quality, efficiency and security. In addition, the registration process of drug, medical equipment and food supplement seems quite difficult since many registration steps require a specific knowledge and practical skills of interaction with the government institution which means – significant resources and time.

In order to solve these issues effectively, the manufacturers, usually searching for the consulting companies which traditionally offer the standard range of services, including:

  • Registration and/or re-registration of products
  • Collection and acquisition of required documentation / preparation of dossier

Currently, there are a big number of companies that offer services for the registration of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, cosmetic products and veterinary products in Uzbekistan.

But, PHARM GROUP is the most experienced company which sets the tone and provides highly qualified services over the past 14 years. Moreover, besides the traditional consulting services, the  experts of PHARM GROUP, having a deep substantive knowledge and experience in the area of registration, provides the services for direct representation of producer’s interest in the State registration/certification bodies and preclinical and clinical trials organizations.

The unquestionable advantage of PHARM GROUP over other consulting companies is that the specialists of the company carry out the registration procedure on the turnkey basis and providing the following additional services: translation of documents, submission of dossier to the regulatory bodies, customs clearance of product samples, etc.  Speaking in Bollywood language, PHARM GROUP experts are able to “write the script, perform the professional directing and playing” so that ups and downs of life cannot be an obstacle to Indian HAPPY END in Uzbekistan – by providing the fair prices and high quality Indian pharmacy to the Uzbek consumers! Anyway, listen and do not tell that you have not hear Khatuba-aa ….)))

Jamshid Ganiev

Regulatory Affairs Manager at Pharm Group – Uzbekistan