Majestic and warm like a sunshine Spain – peaceful and emotional at the same time, imbued with old traditions   that reveals  its mysteries of the harmony between antiquity and ultra-modernity – attracts  everyone  with its increasing magnetism .

Connoisseurs of art, romantics, gourmets, tourists rush here with their dreams – to merge with the history, to worship sacred places, to escape from daily routine life, to enjoy delicious taste.  Those who have a chance to visit Spain, after coming back home can share their moment by saying: “while having promenades in Spain…” Ancient Greeks believed that it is a  land  of Hercules’ golden apples, and for Arabs it was the Gateway to Paradise. Ernest Hemingway associate the Spain witharena, where history was torn between heroism and tragedy, and after last  sunshine, the dance of life and eternity  begins.       

Spain is full of contradiction emotions which are observed in two main symbols – Corrida and Flamenco. Even the flag of Spain has two colors: red – passionate Flamenco, and yellow – sand of the arena, where the life is ion a stake.

You would never find anything more Spanish than Corrida. The  toreros  are considered as the pride of the nationpersonification of national character, which is inherent in each Spaniard. This also associated with courage and strength, decision to take risks and to attack with all the grace! The noble beauty! 

What can be more beautiful than FLAMENCO, a dance full of emotions, passion, despair and love?! Just look at the faces of dancers during the performance! Seems like in one dance the face live whole circle of life. It’s not a simple dance … it’s intensity of emotions, where the dancer driven by the inner energy  dedicates herself fullyto it. The passionate Spanish battle on the guitar, waves of prideful hands, temperamental sound of knocking heels, piercing look, passion and fire … It seems that flamenco tries to take the most intimate from the depths of the human soul or, on the contrary, to hide it reliably by every  tact  and movement  . This dance of inner release  – it is flamenco, this is Doña España!  

The spirit of corrida and flamenco  is the main symbol of Spain, whether it concerns art or traditions, modern production relations or advanced science-intensive technologies, that provide the country with itsworthy place in the world.      

According to the classification of the International Economic Forum, which analyzes positions of countries in 14 sectors of production, Spain is in the top five in almost all sectors of average technological level, especially in manufacture of automobile  supplements and accessories, industrial machinery and equipment, audiovisual products, organic and inorganic chemicals, metal products and footwear. The leading position of Spain equally relates to the pharmaceutical industry.

Among  sectors of high-tech industry the most exported in Spain are  the pharmaceutical  products. In particular, in  the  latest report, the Institute of National Statistics (INE) estimated that 27.4% of goods exported from the country are medical products.  In other sectors of high-tech industry, aviation and space sectors supply 17% of goods to foreign markets, electronics sector – 16.4%, chemical industry – 16%, and equipment for scientific research 8.8% only. 

We can safely say that Spain is the cradle of European pharmacy, because the first European pharmacies have been appeared in this country in the XI century (Cordoba, Toledo). Modern Spain has great experience and strong manufacture base in pharmaceutical production,. Currently, it  is in the fourth  place for  biotechnology production among other EU countries.

According to market analysts, the leadership of Spainin pharmaceutics is because OF DEVELOPED pharmaceuticals biotechnology sector. Spanish medicines are recognized all over the world and are at the forefront of advanced science-intensive technologies. Grifols, Almirall, Curaxys, Esteve, SOM Biotech, Zeltia – this is not a complete list of recognized leaders in the Spanish pharmaceutical market. Many of them are represented in intensively developing and perspective pharmaceutical markets, as well as in Uzbekistan. Uzbek marker seen as promising sales platform of finished products, and as a country with favorable environment for safe and protected investment activity! Fortunately, the prerequisite for success has already been established, because relations between the Uzbekistan and Spain have historical roots and take its beginning in the depths of centuries. Numerous artifacts  are evidence of it, including coins of the VIII century, embossed in al-Andalusia and found in the territory of modern Uzbekistan, the scientific works translated to  Latin belonged to such great thinkers as Ibn Sino, Al-Khorezmi, Al-Ferghani, Imam Al-Bukhari, and, of course, diplomatic correspondence between Amir Temur and the King of Castile and Leon Enrique III, which published in X-XII centuries in Cordoba and Toledo.

The pharmaceutical industry in Uzbekistan  and in Spain is considered as one of the basic sectors of the economy since the high-quality medicine and nation health for the Government is the main component for successful socio-economic development and is always  critical  and need support.

For the pharmaceutical industry of Uzbekistan the 2016  became one of the most important phases in its development, where the number of laws and regulations have been issued that improves the legislation on  drug commerce and pharmaceutical activities and strengthen the legal guarantees to provide the population with  the highly efficient and safe drugs and medicine.

The decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from 31.10.2016 “On measures for further improvement of provision of population with medicines and medical supplies” where the amount of limited marginal and fixed prices have been set for pharmaceutical products:

  • wholesale – not more than 15% of the purchase price;
  • retail sale – not more than 20% of the wholesale price.

Since January, 2017 a fixed price was set to 167 socially important drugs and 22 medical products of local and foreign producers, which are widely used in the medical practice of Uzbekistan. Accordingly it gives a distinct advantage over other producers to Spain pharmaceutical industry representatives, the main feature of which is to make the most advanced technological products. Before the representatives of private business with high profit margins, set the ceiling prices, but starting from 2017 the pricing of pharmaceutical products in Uzbekistan became strictly regulated and controlled by the government. It means that high-quality products will become more affordable for consumers of Uzbekistan and, consequently, the demand will also increase into other volumes! 

Given the fact that today the population of Uzbekistan is more than 32 million, where the annual population growth is 1.7 %.Currently the pharmaceutical industry of Uzbekistan is represented only by 146 enterprises and drug producers: 4 foreign enterprises, 21 joint ventures. Undoubtedly, Spain pharm producers can rely and develop their activity.  

The relationship between manufacturers and regulatory bodies can not be simplified in health sector – as in every developed country, the pharmaceutical market of Uzbekistan is regulated by a large number of laws, regulations, and guidelines to guarantee the quality, efficiency and security. In addition, the registration process of drug, medical equipment and food supplement seems quite difficult since many registration steps require a specific knowledge and practical skills of interaction with the government institution which means – significant resources and time. 

In order to solve these issues effectively, the manufacturers, usually searching for the consulting companies which traditionally offer the standard range of services, including:

  • Registration and/or re-registration of products
  • Collection and acquisition of required documentation / preparation of dossier

Currently, there are a big number of companies that offer services for the registration of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, cosmetic products and veterinary products in Uzbekistan.

PHARM GROUP is the most experienced company which sets the tone and provides highly qualified services over the past 14 years. Besides the traditional consulting services, the experts of PHARM GROUP, having substantive knowledge and experience in the area of registration, provides the services for direct representation of producer’s interest in the State registration/certification bodies and preclinical and clinical trials organizations.

The unquestionable advantage of PHARM GROUP over other consulting companies is that the specialists of the company carry out the registration procedure on the turnkey basis and providing the following additional services: translation of documents, submission of dossier to the regulatory bodies, customs clearance of product samples, etc. 

Based on deep theoretical knowledge and practical experience of the specialists, we can safely say that PHARM GROUP can effectively support the interests of Spanish pharmaceuticals and medical equipment manufacturers. The stereotype of Spanish responsibility and diligence with the authority of Cervantes and Velasquez, Picasso and Salvador Dali, José de Goya and Placido Domingo will certainty guarantee the success in relations between countries.

Jamshid Ganiev

Regulatory Director of Pharmaceuticals, Food Supplements, Medical Equipment and Veterinary products

PHARM GROUP project of UBI Consulting, Uzbekistan